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Healthworx Launches Accelerator for Healthcare Startups

Healthworx, a Baltimore, Md-based group of healthcare experts that is equal parts investment arm, strategic partner, commercialization engine, and launch pad, is introducing its accelerator for healthcare startups seeking funding and mentorship.

Healthworx Accelerator, formerly known as 1501 Health, will equip startups with the tools and knowledge they need to break into and grow within complex, entrenched healthcare markets.

The program is designed to help healthcare startups who have seen some traction to bridge the gap and fully establish themselves in a sector that is traditionally dominated by large corporate powers.

It offers expert mentorship from the healthcare industry, ranging from product development to payer/provider system navigation to marketing.

Healthworx Accelerator was intentionally designed to provide a streamlined insider’s perspective and education that would otherwise take years to acquire, ultimately handing each participating company the opportunity to leverage education, mentorship, and networking to increase growth and impact.

Applications for the 2024 Healthworx Accelerator cohort will open next month. To see the eligibility requirements of the accelerator and signup to get notified when applications open, visit https://healthworxaccelerator.com/