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Auros Launches Auros Ventures


Auros, a NYC- and Hong Kong-based algorithmic trading firm, announced the launch of its new investment arm, Auros Ventures.

Led by Head Julien Auchecorne, Auros Ventures will leverage the firm’s expertise in digital assets to foster ecosystem innovation and drive substantial value creation for all market participants.

The arm will leverage the risk management capabilities and liquidity provision expertise of Auros to invest in the full project life cycle, from early-stage primary investments to liquid secondary opportunities. In addition to capital, Auros will provide advice and support to its entire portfolio, particularly where it pertains to their expertise in both on-chain and off-chain liquidity, market microstructure and exchange product design.

This strategic approach reflects the firm’s commitment to active involvement in the operational and strategic development of its portfolio companies and it forms a core component of Auros Ventures’ value proposition as a partner.

Since Q3 2023, Auros Ventures has deployed over $15M and plans to invest in excess of $50M over the next two years.

As of April 2024, Auros Ventures has made 14 investments. This includes the firm’s participation in the launches of high-profile projects such as oracle network Pyth and high-performance Layer-1 Berachain, among others.

The arm is led by Julien Auchecorne, a seasoned traditional finance and digital assets expert who has previously held investment, operating and advisory roles at firms such as XBTO, J.P. Morgan and Brevan Howard. As the Head of Auros Ventures, he will collaborate closely with Auros’s Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Ben Roth, to guide the venture capital arm in the deployment of capital as the firm doubles down on ecosystem development and its role as a champion of innovative startups in the digital assets and Web3 sector.

Led by Founder and CIO Ben Roth, Auros is an algorithmic trading firm that combines advanced pricing models with execution capabilities, ensuring the trading performance. Additionally, the firm possesses in-depth knowledge in trading structured products, optimizing DeFi, and investing in liquidity-driven ventures.