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Heliad Acquires Collective Ventures


Heliad AG (Stock ticker A7A, ISIN DE0001218063), a Frankfurt, Germany-based listed investment company, acquired Collective Ventures, a Berlin, Germany-based firm that sources and invests in early stage startups.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

By merging with Collective Ventures, Heliad is expanding its product portfolio to enable earlier-stage VC investments in particular to a broader range of investors.

Founded in 2021 as a deal-by-deal venture capital network collecting money from a diversified group of entrepreneurs, financiers, C-Level executives and friends, Collective Ventures sources and invests in early stage startups and scale its own investment by allowing co-investors to tag along. Together with co-investors, it provides support along the entire value chain. Over the last years, the firm has built a track record investing in 17 companies, including firms like Nelly, Bunch, Flowers, Nuvo, and more.

Heliad invests in companies across various verticals and regions to empower their next phase of growth. As a listed company and through its team and strategic partners, the firm can support companies pre, at and post IPO and act as a gateway to public equity capital markets. An evergreen structure allows Heliad to act independently of usual fund lifecycles and provides shareholders with access to pre-IPO market returns without any restrictions or limitations in terms of investment size and term commitment.