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J2 Ventures Closes Argonne Fund, at $150M 

J2 Ventures

J2 Ventures, a Boston, Ma-based deep tech venture capital firm focused on new technologies for both the private sector and national security interests of the U.S and its allies, raised $150M for its new Argonne Fund.

The fund, majority veteran owned and led, received support from financial institutions including JP Morgan, MetLife and the New Mexico State Investment Council.

The capital enables J2 Ventures to further invest in startups working with government agencies, leveraging technologies that optimize outsized returns with minimal correlation to traditional markets.

J2 Ventures is a $200M+ AUM deep-tech venture capital firm investing in national security and private sector advancements, including advanced computing, cybersecurity, telecom and infrastructure, and healthcare. The firm also helps them win funding and contracts from the military and other branches of government to scale frontier technology products for their markets.

The firm, which raised their $68m inaugural fund in 2021, has already invested in over 25 companies.