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Endeavor Venture Funds and Keiretsu Forum Sign Alliance to Enhance Early-Stage Investment Opportunities


Philadelphia, PA-based Endeavor Venture Funds and Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic, South-East, and Texas, announced a strategic alliance aimed at increasing investment opportunities in healthcare and life science companies and developing a systematic funding process for $1-5M early-stage investment rounds.

This agreement will leverage both entities’ combined expertise, networks, and resources to enhance the life science startup ecosystem and drive go-to-market growth strategies for the most promising companies and talented founders.

The partnership aims to benefit to startups, investors, and the broader healthcare community.

Key benefits for stakeholders include:

For life science startups:

  • Accelerated Growth: access to a vast network of investors and industry experts who have experience and expertise in the life science space to speed up growth and innovation.
  • Focused Support: more efficient time spent on fundraising, allowing founders to concentrate on their core business activities.
  • Rigorous Due Diligence: both entities are known for their thorough due diligence processes, ensuring that investment decisions are well-informed and based on robust analysis.

For investors:

  • Enhanced Deal Flow: improved access to high-quality investment opportunities informed by and with Endeavor looking toward late rounds.
  • Expert Insights: benefit from the collective experience and knowledge of seasoned professionals in the venture capital space.
  • Co-Investment Potential: deal sizes typically range from $1 to $5M, ample co-investment opportunities allow for larger funding rounds and better support for portfolio companies.

For the regions involved:

  • Economic Growth: by facilitating efficient navigation from the Seed Stage to later funding rounds, the alliance will contribute to early-stage growth in the regions, supporting innovation and job creation.
  • Innovation Hub: strengthen the regions’ positions as leading hubs for med tech, pharma and other life science innovations.

Keiretsu Forum is a private equity angel investment network, with over 2,000 accredited investors across 34 North American and 23 international chapters. The forum has invested over $1B in early-stage companies in the past 23 years, covering diverse sectors such as technology, life sciences, fintech, and sustainable technologies.

Endeavor Venture Funds is a healthcare and life sciences venture capital firm, media company, and strategic advisor for Fortune 500 companies and high growth companies. Founded in 1999, Endeavor has invested in over 100 companies in three funds, with a focus on disruptive technologies and scalable commercial potential.