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Yunity Announces IMAGINE


Yunity, a Seattle, WA-based company dedicated to creating a mindful business focused on people, planet, and profit, announced the launch of IMAGINE, an ecosystem supporting impact-driven startups with the resources to build better companies.

Artificial SuperIntelligence (ASI) is an open-source, independent player in AI research and development globally.

Through a joint venture with ASI Co-Founder, SingularityNET, IMAGINE will invest $1 Billion in beneficial AI and deep tech startups.

IMAGINE is a scalable capital, startup lab, and advisory ecosystem supporting creators in building businesses that prioritize people, planet, and profit. They leverage advanced technologies, innovative business models, personal development, and collaboration with industry pioneers to drive positive impact. Its investment philosophy focuses on human-centric investments in AI, Robotics, Blockchain & Web 3.0, Quantum Computing, Spatial & Extended Reality, Cybersecurity, Neurotech, Biotech, and Longevity.

IMAGINE has earmarked over $1.25 Billion in investments and $200M to grow a global network of startup studios. Additionally, up to 10% of profits will support aligned 501(c)(3) organizations. Its mission centers on incentivized collaboration, focusing on the societal, environmental, and mental well-being of startup teams, with pioneers of AI, deep tech, industry and personal development serving as collaborators and mentors.