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Freeflow Ventures Raises $90M In Funding For Early Stage Deep Tech Investments

Freeflow Ventures

Freeflow Ventures, a Pasadena, CA-based early stage venture capital firm that invests in science-driven solutions to human and planetary health challenges, raised $90M for its funds.

The firm raised $50M through its $35M Fund Two and $15M Opportunity Fund. Including a $25M Fund One and $15M in SPVs, Freeflow now has $90M in assets under management.

Founded by David Fleck, the firm invests in large-scale opportunities to improve human and planetary health. It has built an investment and support model for the innovation of Caltech and Berkeley. To date, Freeflow has invested in over 30 companies that blend fundamental and computational science to scale sustainable solutions to intractable problems.

In addition, Freeflow announced its most recent investment into Catena Bio, its first into the Berkeley ecosystem of deep tech startups. Led by CEO Marco Lobba, Catena Bio is advancing antibody drug conjugate (ADC) technology with a novel conjugation that enables multiple payload capabilities for cancer treatment that can significantly improve patient outcomes.

Commenting on the news, David Fleck said: “This new funding enables us to expand our model to Berkeley, an important addition to our operating model because it shares so many similarities to Caltech and JPL where amazing founders working on large-scale solutions to important problems continue to create high quality investment opportunities. These two communities align very nicely with our focused thesis on human and planetary health.”