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Zoi Capital Launches USD200M Fund

Zoi Capital

Zoi Capital, a NYC-based venture capital firm specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for healthcare, announced their fundraising goal of $200M for their Health AI Fund I.

The firm intends to allocate the Fund to expand investments in innovative healthcare companies.

Founded by  Dr. Ronald M. Razmi and Brian K. Beeler, Zoi Capital is a thematic venture capital firm that specializes in the growing applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare. The firm leveragesthe founders’ relationships with medical institutions to secure deal flow and uses a set of proprietary score-cards for selecting companies. The team leverages its extensive operating experience in supporting portfolio companies to formulate the optimal commercialization strategy and scale up.

Dr. Ronald M. Razmi, a former Cardiologist, McKinsey consultant, CEO of Acupera, and author of the new book, AI Doctor: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, and Brian K. Beeler, a former life science company executive that has been involved with managing multiple corporate venture funds and over $7 billion in transactions, share more than 50 years of experience in the medical technology field and have been responsible for more than $30 billion in exits via public markets and acquisitions.

With the help of their proprietary investment platform, AI Doc, Zoi can find and select companies with technologies that provide immediate benefit to healthcare stakeholders while solving for the unique friction points that usually derail or delay adoption. While relationships with top academic medical centers provide access to the deal flow, Zoi plays an active role in improving the product road map, optimizing commercialization strategy, and facilitating faster exits.