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Rebellion Ventures Launches with $12.9M Fund

Rebellion Ventures

Rebellion Ventures, a San Francisco, CA-based specialized venture capital firm partnering with entrepreneurs to build autonomous operations and AI agents, announced its inaugural $12.9m pre-seed/seed fund.

Limited partners include over 70 unicorn founders, executives, and industry experts in AI and automation who are part of the Rebellion Advisor Network, lending their expertise and relationships to the fund and its portfolio companies.

The fund is dedicated to partnering with entrepreneurs to build artificial super capability (ASC) through autonomous operations and AI agents that can revolutionize business models and unleash the greatest productivity boost in human history.

Led by Jukka Alanen, who was previously SVP of Strategy, Corporate, and Business Development at PagerDuty, Rebellion predicts the emergence of a diverse AI workforce across industries, including AI workers, digital humans, autopilots, and autonomous agents. These entities will bring super-human capabilities, continuously learning, observing, thinking, and acting 24/7 to proactively achieve business goals and elevate human work.

Through the fund’s companies, the firm targets to collectively create at least $100 billion in annual productivity value for customers by 2030 based on initial ROI metrics.

So far, the fund has partnered with 12 startups creating or enabling autonomous operations and AI agents, transforming areas such as engineering, sales, financial services, insurance, and healthcare. The vehicle expects to partner with an additional 25 startups over the next 18 months.

Alanen helped build the company to a $2.8 billion IPO and led the strategy to revolutionize digital operations management with AI and automated workflows. Venture partners include Dr. Ramesh Raskar, a professor at MIT Media Lab and a renowned AI innovator, entrepreneur, and advisor with over 130 patents, and Aaron Aubrecht, a top product executive with a $1.2 billion M&A exit.