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Outlier Ventures, peaq and Borderless Capital Reveals Six Teams in The DePIN Base Camp Accelerator Program

depin basecamp

Outlier Ventures, a London, UK-based global web3 accelerator, and peaq a layer-1 blockchain for DePIN and Machine RWAs (real-world assets), announced the selected six teams taking part in the DePIN Base Camp accelerator program.

The teams will receive investment from the program’s capital partner Borderless Capital.

The cohort consists of:

Aydo (United Arab Emirates): AYDO allows users to connect third-party IoT devices and sensors based on ESP32 boards to supported DePIN projects. This allows users to save amounts on the hardware costs without locking them into a single ecosystem. At the same time, DePIN projects can focus on their core business and eliminate the need to manufacture and distribute hardware at all. In addition, AYDO Dashboards allow users to easily discover DePIN projects and manage streaming to them.

Kaisar Network (Vietnam): Kaisar Network is a DePIN protocol specifically designed and optimized for decentralized computing and AI. Kaisar Network’s mission is to reshape the future of decentralized computing by harnessing AI and blockchain to aggregate spare GPU resources, offering them at reduced costs and rewarding participants for providing their GPUs/computation resources

Roam Network (Finland): Roam Network allows users to share their network data for blockchain-based rewards. Its approach includes user-labeled data measurements, offering unique insights not available in traditional methods. Roam Network provides analytics, improving network services and customer experiences for all stakeholders.

ROVR (Hong Kong): ROVR is a decentralized and multidimensional digital twin platform for planet accelelrating transportation and 3D AI engines.

TouchBrick (USA): TouchBrick provides a cybersecurity network that empowers privacy agents that protect business’s sensitive data, constantly learning and preventing emerging threats to data directly in your databases. It enables ethical AI training through synthetic datasets and is designed to secure the enterprise and enable the compliant use of sensitive data in an industry first.

YOM (UK): YOM is building a cloud gaming DePIN on Solana, streaming games, experiences, and entirely new entertainment formats at scale. Leveraging a distributed network of gaming hardware, YOM offers global low-latency near-zero costs cloud gaming on any device and channel, effectively eliminating the need for dedicated game consoles such as Xbox or Playstation.

Throughout the remote 12-week accelerator program, the teams will receive support from Outlier Ventures’ in-house experts on vital areas such as product roadmap, community building, entity structuring, and fundraising. peaq will also share its expertise in building and running a DePIN, covering aspects from architecture to core business model and incentive mechanisms.