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LearnLaunch Fund + Accelerator Invests in Five Edtech Startups

LearnLaunch Fund + Accelerator

LearnLaunch Fund + Accelerator, a Boston, MA-based edtech investor, has unveiled its 2024 Breakthrough to Scale program cohort of companies.

These startups are working on innovative solutions that offer future-proof learning, earning, and collaboration opportunities through technology and human-centered design.

With investments in 86 edtech companies since 2013, LearnLaunch has achieved remarkable milestones. Its portfolio companies have raised over $275M in funding and impacted the educational journeys of over 52 million learners worldwide.

The five participating startups in the program are:

  • Highfive (Indianapolis, Indiana): collects school community and classroom behavioral data, empowering district and school staff. Highfive’s goal is to understand, repair, and reduce harmful classroom behaviors while providing actionable insights for teachers, students, parents, and administrators to create connected communities.
  • Reflection Sciences (Minneapolis, Minnesota): is the creator of the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (the MEFS), an objective measure of executive function skills. In addition to EF Measurement, Reflection Sciences offers early childhood interventions that are especially effective at ages 3-8.
  • Thriving Students Collective (Oakland, California): is a provider of a development platform for educators, school psychologists, and families of children with mental health and learning challenges. The product is designed to offer practical tools to support neurodiverse learners and reduce burnout.
  • Prentus (Miami, Florida): is a provider of a career success platform built to bridge the gap from learning to earning by leveraging AI and community. Prentus provides the tools and processes to increase candidate placement success, save time and resources for college career centers, and help employers find qualified candidates.
  • Hardskills (Singapore): is a provider of a learning platform that is selected by global brands to train their employees on professional/soft skills at scale. The company’s AI-powered programs develop critical thinking skills, enhance teamwork, and foster a growth mindset. 

These selected startups will embark on a 12-week journey through LearnLaunch Accelerator’s Breakthrough to Scale program, which is designed to strengthen their product-market fit and develop impact measurement plans and scalable operational frameworks. The founders will receive support from mentors, venture partners, and Entrepreneurs in Residence.

The program will culminate with a demo day.