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SCI Ventures Launches Venture Philanthropy Fund

SCI Ventures, a London, UK-based venture philanthropy firm dedicated to funding and commercializing innovative treatments for spinal cord injury, launched its first fund.

Co-Founders are the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Wings for Life, the International Spinal Research Trust, the Promobilia Foundation and Shepherd Center.

The fund, which launched with $27M in commitments and anticipates raising $40M by year-end, aims to advance breakthroughs for people living with paralysis by supporting promising cure-oriented therapies and emerging technologies.

The firm will redeploy 100% of its investment gains into additional companies working toward the mission to cure paralysis. SCI Ventures plans to support up to 20 companies and has already established a portfolio of investments, including:

  • ONWARD® Medical, which provides targeted stimulation of the spinal cord to restore movement and other functions, alone or in combination with brain-computer interface (BCI) technology for thought-driven movement
  • AXONIS Therapeutics, which focuses on advancing drug discoveries for neuron revival and neuromodulation
  • Sania Therapeutics, a gene therapy company that can selectively target dysfunctional neural circuits, starting with spasticity
  • AUGMENTAL, which is developing the MouthPad^: an in-mouth interface for hands-free human-computer interaction