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BankTech Ventures Makes Three Investments in Bank-Enabling Companies

BankTech Ventures

BankTech Ventures, a Sandy, UT-based strategic investment fund, announced its recent investments in three bank-enabling technology companies: Equabli, Filejet, and Monit.

  • Equabli mitigates customer delinquency and default with a comprehensive suite of solutions for banks, streamlining the payment, debt collection, and recovery process.
  • Filejet helps banks attract and retain SMB customers by providing compliance capabilities with legal entity reporting requirements.
  • Monit provides a two-sided platform that allows banks to provide a suite of embedded ‘Digital CFO’ tools to their SMB customers, while surfacing analytics and targeted insights to bankers to facilitate relationships across the business segment.

These investments aim to deliver essential solutions tailored to address critical challenges faced by community banks, including impending increase in customer delinquencies and attracting and retaining small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and adding more value to them.

Formed collaboratively by seasoned bankers and fintech entrepreneurs, and led by Carey Ransom, Managing Director, BankTech Ventures aims to improve community banking by identifying, validating, de-risking, and investing in solutions tailored to the demands of banks. BankTech Ventures’ core purpose. It has more than 100 banks participating in the fund, more than 1,000 companies in the pipeline, and 20 investments so far.