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Campus Fund Releases 3rd Edition of Its Report – State of Student Entrepreneurship in India

Campus Fund, an Indian venture capital firm focused on investing in student-led startups, released the 3rd Edition of its Flagship Report on the State of Student Entrepreneurship in India.

The report, which draws insights from interactions with over 4,800 student-led startups in India in 2023, proposed the following insights:

  • Top 5 sectors where students like to build are Services (12%), Consumer Products & Brands (9.8%) followed by Edtech (9.3%), HealthTech (7.68%) and DeepTech (6.05%).
  • Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani remains the top university for student startups, followed by Delhi University and all the National Institutes of Technology put together. The predominant educational background of student founders is B.Tech, followed by MBA and MSc./M.Tech degrees
  • 48% of startups were launched while their founders were still in their dorm rooms, while 52% were initiated by young professionals within three years of graduation

According to the Report:

  • 33% (35 out of 108) of Indian unicorns are Student-Led as per Campus Fund’s criteria
  • There are 460 State Universities, 128 Deemed to be Universities, 56 Central Universities, 430 Private Universities and 167 Institutes of National Importance. Other institutions include 55,092 colleges as government degree colleges, private colleges, and standalone institutes in India

Founded in late 2020 by Goodera’s Founder Richa Bajpai, Campus Fund invests in current students, or graduates/dropouts in previous three years. It has 27 portfolio companies, ranging from SpaceTech to BioTech, GenAI, SaaS amongst others.