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Telkomsel Ventures Announces Seven Startups of TINC Batch #9

Telkomsel Ventures, a Jakarta, Indonesia-based Telkomsel’s digital ecosystem enabler, in collaboration with AppWorks, Greater Southeast Asia’s leading startup community, unveiled seven startups selected to participate in the TINC Batch #9 accelerator program.

The six month program will showcase Indonesian startups creating innovative solutions for healthcare, fintech, climate, marketing, and smart homes.

Startups include:

  • PrimaKu: Founded in 2021 by Didit Indraputra, PrimaKu is Indonesia’s pediatric health platform provider that offers monitoring of child development, endorsed by the Indonesian Pediatric Society (IDAI).
  • Finfra: Established by Markus Prommik in 2022, Finfra offers the infrastructure to integrate financial services, empowering companies across Southeast Asia to become fintech pioneers.
  • Rey: Launched by Evan Tanotogono in 2021, Rey is an end-to-end healthcare and insurTech company in Indonesia. By offering subscription-based services that integrate insurance, wellness, and medical record data to provide personalized care and services to each client.
  • Skorlife: Co-founded in 2022 by Ongki Kurniawan and Karan Khetan, SkorLife leads Indonesia’s credit technology sector with a free application that helps users actively manage their credit scores and financial health. 
  • CarbonEthics: Initiated by Agung Bimo Listyanu in 2019, CarbonEthics is an Impact Enterprise dedicated to climate restoration through blue carbon rehabilitation and comprehensive natural climate solutions.
  • Peacom: Founded by Han Truong in 2022, Peacom delivers a multichannel conversational marketing and sales automation platform in Indonesia, enhancing business communications across diverse messaging channels.
  • myECO: Started by Maulana Derifato Achmad in 2020, myECO innovates in smart home technology by offering IoT-based solutions for electricity conservation, aiding households in reducing energy consumption effectively.

Established in 2019, Telkomsel Ventures is the investment arm of Telkomsel. It invests and collaborates with startups to accelerate Telkomsel’s digital transformation and create innovative services. With a current portfolio of 17 startups, it is committed to empowering startups through strategic investments, leveraging the company’s ecosystem and capabilities.