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NextFlex Launches $5.3M Funding Opportunity to Strengthen U.S. Electronics Manufacturing and Promote Commercialization of Hybrid Electronics

NextFlex, a San Jose, CA-based DoD sponsored manufacturing innovation institute, released Project Call 9.0 (PC 9.0), its latest call for proposals that seek to fund projects that further the development and adoption of hybrid electronics while addressing key challenges in advanced manufacturing.

The total PC 9.0 project value is expected to exceed $11M (including NextFlex investment and performer cost-share), bringing the total anticipated investment in advancing hybrid electronics since NextFlex’s formation to $143M.

Building from past calls, PC 9.0 uses broadly defined topics to enable a diverse proposer base, with a special focus on areas in which hybrid electronics can impact high priority U.S. manufacturing opportunities and areas of emerging importance within the electronics manufacturing community.

Proposals focused on manufacturing challenges and advancing technology transitions are sought in these topic areas:

Topic 9.1: Manufacturing of High Resolution, Multilayer Electronic Packages and Devices 
Topic 9.2: Thermal Management for Power Electronics 
Topic 9.3: Reliable Hybrid Electronics for Extreme Conditions 
Topic 9.4: Conformal & Structurally Integrated Hybrid Electronics 
Topic 9.5: Additive Processes for Improved Environmental Sustainability of Electronics Manufacturing 
Topic 9.6: Open Topic for “New Project Leads”

More information on NextFlex’s PC 9.0, including proposal submission instructions and registration for the Proposer’s Day & Teaming webinar on June 10, can be found here. Proposals are due July 24.

In addition, NextFlex announced the release of its latest public Hybrid Electronics Technology Roadmaps developed by subject matter experts from industry, academia and government. The NextFlex Technical Working Groups in 11 technical areas of emphasis – Automotive; Device Integration & Packaging; Materials; Modeling & Design; Printed Components & Microfluidics; Standards, Test & Reliability; Asset Monitoring Systems; Flexible Power; Human Monitoring Systems; Integrated Antenna Arrays; and Soft Wearable Robotics – update the roadmaps each year.

NextFlex, a DoD sponsored Manufacturing Innovation Institute funded by Air Force Research Laboratory Cooperative Agreement numbers FA8650-15-2-5401 and FA8650-20-2-5506, is a consortium of companies, academic institutions, non-profits and state, local and federal governments with a shared goal of advancing U.S. manufacturing of flexible and additive hybrid electronics.