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20 High-Impact Companies Selected to Join Cohort 4 of Venture for ClimateTech

Venture For ClimateTech

Venture For ClimateTech, a NYC-based non-profit global venture studio, selected the next 20 early-stage startups to join its accelerator program dedicated to the scaling and commercialization of impactful climate-abating technologies.

The companies were selected based on their high-potential solutions and ability to bring innovations to scale. Each team in Cohort 4 will receive up to $50K in funding and hands-on support to ready their technologies for customers, pilot runs, and additional investment.

The three-phase accelerator program kicked off in mid-May with support and mentorship on customer discovery, investor pitching, business validation, building a team, and pathways to scale. The following companies will participate:

Adena Power – Provides energy storage using U.S. raw materials and manufacturing to deliver sodium batteries at grid scale (Lewis Center, OH).

Arbour Group LLC – Produces the Liquid Wall, a prefabricated building enclosure system made with fiber-reinforced, ultra-high-performance concrete (New York, NY).

Arculus Solutions, Inc. – Retrofits natural gas transmission pipelines for safe hydrogen transportation, both pure and as a blend, to faster reach net zero by 2050 (Rockville, MD).

BladeBUG Limited – Develops robots to perform detailed contact inspections and proactive repairs to wind turbine blades without having to use any rope access technicians (London, UK).

BladeX Technologies – Offers a new mass-manufacturing method for composite parts to improve lightweight component production for applications in hydrogen systems (Palos Verdes Estates, CA).

Calectra, Inc. – Offers thermal storage technology to store off-peak, low-cost electricity as heat in patent-pending bricks, and use that heat to decarbonize the highest-temperature industrial processes, such as cement and glass, at costs competitive with fossil fuel (Oakland, CA).

CO2L Tech – Offers technologies to transform carbon dioxide emissions into valuable chemicals and products, like formic acid, formate salts and desiccants, contributing to carbon recycling and sustainability efforts (Kingston, Canada).

Cycleau – Offers a compact water reuse system that can be retrofitted into buildings to recycle up to 80% of greywater while recovering over 30% of lost heat from wastewater (Brooklyn, New York).

Freshean Corp. – Offers a nano-engineered Direct Air Capture (DAC) sorbent that utilizes a proprietary “Nano-in-Nano” platform for a 10x increase in CO2 capture efficiency and a 10x capture cost reduction over existing technologies. (Scottsdale, AZ).

GarboCarbo – Develops a carbon utilization process that cheaply and cleanly converts CO2 and gypsum into calcium carbonate and sulfuric acid to be used in the paper manufacturing industry (Palatine, IL).

HeatPath Solutions, LLC – Provides plant-derived, sustainable platform chemicals to the specialty chemicals and consumer packaged goods markets, without the green premium (Lewis Center, Ohio).

Helix Power – Develops a kinetic battery system capable of attenuating large power imbalance conditions (Somerville, MA).

Perseus Materials – Develops new manufacturing processes for oversized structural fiber-reinforced composites for use in infrastructure (Knoxville, TN).

Plantaer – Creates nature-based carbon negative materials that support biodiversity and improve the environmental health of the built environment (Brooklyn, NY).

REEgen – Offers clean, biological processes to recover and purify rare earth elements from industrial byproducts (Ithaca, NY).

RETRN Bioworks Inc. – Develops platform biotechnologies to upcycle abundant agro-industrial plant wastes into an array of tunable, functionalizable, and fully compostable biopolymers for fiber-based packaging manufacturers to meet emerging markets in sustainability (Syracuse, NY).

SilisiumTech, Inc. – Offers ability to rebuild the US solar supply chain to lower costs and decarbon the silicon wafer portion of a solar panel while producing wafers in the US (Pittsburgh, PA).

Solid State Power LLC – Develops patented technology that replaces legacy electromechanical grid devices, such as distribution transformers, volt regulators and capacitor banks, for high-voltage applications (Dallas, TX).

SpadXTech – Employs the power of microbes and synthetic biology to produce high performance, circular materials to significantly reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions (Worcester, MA).

Tereform – Recycles textiles using air, providing brands with high-quality, recycled products that have a better environmental footprint than virgin materials while being cost-competitive (Denver, CO).

Led by Managing Director Jack Baron, Venture For ClimateTech is a non-profit global venture studio + accelerator program, which sources promising climate tech innovators from around the world and offers them hands-on support until they are ready for first customers, pilot runs, and investment.