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Zero Carbon Capital Closes £20M Fund

Zero Carbon Capital, a Havant, UK-based deep-tech climate investor, has closed its £20M fund.

The fund received investment from a diverse group of both institutional, corporate and individual investors, including Isomer Capital, Green Future Investments, Bunge Ventures, and Extantia Climate All-stars.

Led by Founders and Managing Partners Pippa Gawley, and Alex Gawley, ZCC invests in European pre-seed and seed-stage companies developing hard-science solutions to the critical challenge of decarbonisation. It has already invested in 12 companies including: 

  • Level Nine, manufacturing chemicals from biological feedstocks.
  • Ionate, building smart transformers to support the renewable grid.
  • NetZeroNitrogen, using bacteria to fix atmospheric nitrogen in plants, reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers.
  • RepAir, developing low-power, electrochemical direct air capture technology to remove CO2 from the atmosphere efficiently.

Beyond providing capital, ZCC offers strategic support to its portfolio companies, ensuring their success and ability to scale solutions that contribute to global carbon reduction.

The team also includes

  • Sarah Jones, PhD – Principal
    Chloe Coates, PhD – Research and Analysis Lead
  • Max Werny, PhD – Venture Associate