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Pitchdrive Raises €40M Third Fund

Pitchdrive, an Antwerp, Belgium-based early-stage startup investment firm, raised its €40M third fund.

LPs include entrepreneurs and family offices.

Founded in 2020 by a syndicate of Belgian angels such as Jonas Dhaenens (Team.Blue), Boris Bogaert, Wim Derkinderen and Koen Christiaens (Xpenditure/ Rydoo), Lorenz Bogaert and Toon Coppens (Netlog/Twoo & StarApps) and Luc Verelst (DROIA invest), Pitchdrive leverages entrepreneurial expertise to make pre-seed investments in product and scale driven startups, provide them with personalized guidance support and network access to their portfolio. The firm’s ticket size ranges from 200k to 500k.
The firm is focused on Europe and industry agnostic.

The fund size allows for possibilities of participation in new rounds, giving the startups an immediate edge.

Of their 50+ investments, about 70% have already raised new rounds within 2 years and first exits are in progress. The firm has a European-first approach, which has led to an active portfolio in 11 countries, 66% of the startups being located outside of Belgium. Investments include Belgian Henchman, NineID, Otiv, Bizzy, Fixform, Introw, Oper Credits, Smooved, Brauzz, Picky, UK based Hotel Manager, Happl, Privasee, Greenspark, Dutch Luna, German FoodAmigos, Keaz, Turkish Salus Mental, and more.

Pitchdrive is a Belgian-based entrepreneur-led early-stage investor, investing in startups all over Europe and providing highly personalized and active support to their portfolio. The VC is actively managed by Boris Bogaert, Wim Derkinderen and Koen Christiaens (founders of Xpenditure/Rydoo), and has invested in +50 startups over the last years through 2 funds, and has started deploying their third fund.