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Draper University To Invest in the Stellar Ecosystem with New Accelerator Programs Focused on AI and Soroban

Draper University, a San Mateo, CA-based blockchain education and acceleration program, announced its support in growing the Stellar* ecosystem through the launch of the Draper University xStellar Astro Hacker House and the Draper University x Stellar Embark Accelerator Programs.

These initiatives will impact up to 80 startups building on the Stellar network over the next two years, further boosting adoption of Soroban, the scalable smart contract platform on Stellar, and helping to position Stellar as a leading blockchain for AI integration. 

The Stellar Hacker Houses and Accelerator Programs will offer two distinct programs designed to empower founders at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey:

  • Draper University x Stellar Astro Hacker House is a three-week residency program in Silicon Valley that provides early-stage founders with tools and guidance to develop their initial blockchain ideas (MVPs). Participants will gain foundational entrepreneurship skills alongside technical expertise in building businesses on the Stellar network, with a particular focus on integrating AI functionalities. They’ll also have the opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs, building important connections for their futures. 
  • Draper University x Stellar Embark Accelerator caters to startups leveraging smart contracts, the convergence of AI and blockchain, or targeting enterprise and creator adoption on the Stellar network. The program equips founders with resources to scale their businesses on the Stellar network, with a deep dive into utilizing Soroban capabilities to create business models. This includes access to industry experts, thought leaders, and a network of open-minded investors.

To learn more and apply, visit https://draperuniversity.com/stellar

Founded in 2012 by legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper, and led by CEO Asra Nadeem, Draper University leverages hands-on training, an innovative curriculum, and a focus on thought leadership to foster a collaborative environment where young participants, startup founders, executives, and investors can connect and grow. Draper University boasts a proven track record in blockchain education, having partnered with leading protocols like Tezos, Algorand, and VeChain, as well as government agencies entering the space.

* The Stellar network provides builders and financial institutions worldwide a platform to issue assets, and to send and convert currencies in real time creating real world utility. Founded in 2014, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) supports the continued development and growth of the Stellar network and also serves the ecosystem of NGOs, corporations, universities, small businesses, governments, and solo entrepreneurs building on the Stellar network through tooling, funding and strategic collaborations.