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VC Include Announces 2024 Cohort for Fellowship for Impact Fund I Managers

VC Include

VC Include (VCI), a San Francisco, CA-based organization committed to evolving the traditional investment industry by creating an inclusive ecosystem of LPs and GPs from diverse backgrounds, announced the cohort for this year’s Fellowship for Impact Fund I Managers.

The 2024 cohort includes a diverse group of fund managers that is 50/50 women and men further demonstrating VC Include’s commitment to support and empower a broad array of firms seeking to raise capital.

Thirteen venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) funds were selected for VCI’s 2024 Fellowship cohort. These funds represent a total of eighteen emerging fund managers that will join the 10-week education and mentoring program.

Fund GPs

  • Alejandro Muñoz Mendieta, Andy Vargas Hernandez, No Border Ventures-Fund 1
  • Cvic Innocent, Frankenbuild Ventures
  • Douglas Watson, Measured Capital
  • Ernest Kabuye, Seven Capital
  • Jason Miles, Amenti Connected Mobility Fund I
  • Jeff Chu, Jenny Barba, Features Capital Fund I I
  • Keith Daniel, Resilient Ventures
  • Lorine Pendleton, 125 Ventures Fund I
  • Mahrinah Shije, Fawn Sharp Endemic Venture Capital
  • Patricia Funegra, Moon Dancer Fund
  • Sonam Velani, Laura Fox, Streetlife Ventures
  • Veronica Juarez, Dahlia VC
  • Project M (currently in stealth mode)
VCI 2024 Fellowship Cohort Announcement

The VCI Fellowship is made possible with the support of the Blue Haven Initiative, Cadence Giving Foundation, Lowenstein Sandler, MacArthur Foundation, Marguerite Casey Foundation, Nasdaq Foundation, Pivotal Ventures, Skoll Foundation, and the Visa Foundation. 

The VC Include platform launched in 2018 to accelerate investment into emerging managers – women, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ – to drive economic growth through diversity. The organization has built the infrastructure for an inclusive economy and is a player in connecting diverse fund managers and founders with environmental, social and governance (ESG) and impact investing.