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Starshot Capital Launches $35M Fund to Back in Climate Companies

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Starshot Capital, a Los Angeles, CA-based venture capital firm dedicated to finding and supporting high-impact companies in underinvested climate sectors, announced the launch of $35m Starshot Fund I.

The fund backs early-stage companies that have the potential to eliminate a cumulative 1 gigaton of carbon emissions by 2050. Key areas of focus include the industrial sector, manufacturing, food & agriculture, the built environment, materials, and chemicals.

Starshot’s seven portfolio companies so far include: 

  • Mojave, whose commercial HVAC technology reduces energy use and harmful refrigerants; 
  • Rumin8, whose seaweed-inspired feed additive improves digestion for cattle and other ruminants, lowering feed costs and methane emissions,
  • Harvest Thermal, whose thermal battery helps homes reduce electricity bills and emissions, and 
  • Ecolectro, whose technology makes green hydrogen affordable and non-toxic, eliminating the need for noble metals, titanium, and forever chemicals.

The firm is led by Managing Partner Jeremy Brewer, a veteran of companies including Google and Facebook, and Sam Levac-Levey, a mechanical engineer who has worked at Tesla and SpaceX. They co-founded Starshot in 2021 after the pair helped to launch Work on Climate, an active technical climate community with over 28,000 members. They are joined by fellow Google alumnus Zoe Samuel, who co-created Alphabet’s 4,000+ employee climate community, as well as Dr. Nick Gould, a chemical engineer who worked on decarbonizing industrial processes at Air Products.

Starshot works closely with expert advisors, several of whom are venture capitalists, business leaders, or climate luminaries, including the founders of RegenIntel and co-creators of Project Drawdown.