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University College Dublin’s New AI Accelerator Programme Selects Eleven Startups

Pictured (l-r) at NovaUCD are; Liana-Anca Tomescu, SonnyLabs.ai; Dara Calleary TD, Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation; Doyin Bademosi, Durotimi AI and Joe Fernandez, ALPACA (Pic credits: Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX)
Pictured (l-r) at NovaUCD are; Liana-Anca Tomescu, SonnyLabs.ai; Dara Calleary TD, Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation; Doyin Bademosi, Durotimi AI and Joe Fernandez, ALPACA (Pic credits: Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX)

The University College Dublin‘s (UCD) new AI Ecosystem Accelerator selected the eleven startups participating to its program.

The focus of the 6-month accelerator is to support entrepreneurs who are developing disruptive AI (artificial intelligence) solutions for a global market.

The startups are:

  • ALPACA, a company that employs AI and data modelling to provide gamified assessment instruments that proactively identify infants at risk of reading challenges before they can read print, enabling timely and appropriate educational responses.
  • Customs Window, which is using process automation and AI to simplify and manage the data set required by companies for EU customs declarations. The company provides an integrated platform and open API to simplify the customs declaration creation and submission process while ensuring effective data management and reporting for compliance and risk management.
  • Durotimi AI, which aims to minimize the risk of delay and errors in cancer diagnosis. By using AI and deep learning, the company’s SaaS-based platform gives GPs the ability to concurrently check combinations of signs, symptoms and risk factors, in an intuitive format, to improve the early detection of cancer.
  • Frontier AI, which is developing an AI-powered workforce augmentation platform.
  • GoMappED, which provides online English courses to students around the globe through an innovative virtual classroom platform – Kells Class. Its integrated system enhances the learning experience with learning performance analysis, personalised study plan and simplifies course management through automated processes.
  • KnowCarbon, a company that has built a platform using AI to calculate product carbon footprints with fewer data points, enabling businesses to pinpoint and reduce emissions.
  • La Casa Care, which delivers technology solutions to care providers to support the needs of patients with clinical needs, and older people to live independently at home. Its technology uses AI to personalise and improve care with preventative interventions that complement existing integrated care pathways.
  • SonnyLabs.ai, an advanced AI security product designed to ensure trust and safety in AI applications. The platform specializes in detecting threats to Generative AI apps, including prompt injections, sensitive information leaks, and toxic outputs.
  • Tashka Technology Solutions, which is building Medstar a digital healthcare infrastructure and autonomous medical coding platform.
  • VoxMed.AI, which provides an AI-driven communications platform that uses a medical Large Language Model (LLM) along with advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology to help clinical staff deliver information and support to patients.
  • wrksense, which is developing an AI and automation platform designed to enhance the way recruitment agencies connect their candidates with clients.

The program will be delivered by NovaUCD, the hub of innovation and start-up activities at UCD, in partnership with CeADAR, Ireland’s National Centre for Applied AI. The dedicated supports and mentoring which will now be provided by NovaUCD and CeADAR during the coming months will help the startups to accelerate their growth and development in Ireland, and also on the international stage.

Targeted supports include a dedicated commercial mentor and workshops on value proposition, route to market, sales strategies, and securing investment. Participants will have access to co-working space at NovaUCD and access to the NovaUCD community of founders, investors, business partners and student interns. They will also have access to CeADAR’s EDIH for AI services which include AI technologies, and research expertise with technical mentorship.

Among the mentors who will be working with participants during the programme are; serial entrepreneur, Niamh Sterling; Aidan Finn, Binarii Labs; Mitchell O’Gorman, xWave Technologies; Lucinda Kelly; Tara Looney, both start-up advisors; and Ronan Murphy, Smarttech247 and GetVisibility.

The program will end with a showcase event to be held in October.