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General Inception Establishes Igniter Europe

General Inception

General Inception, a Palo Alto, CA-based company builder focused on creating and nurturing innovative companies in the field of oncology, autoimmune and rare diseases, launched Igniter Europe.

Since its establishment in the United States in 2020, General Inception has co-founded over 35 companies across three divisions: (1) Therapeutics, (2) Engineered Biology, and (3) Life Science Tools & Diagnostics. The company works closely with renowned researchers and institutions to facilitate the inception and acceleration of startups. With the assistance of more than 50 staff and entrepreneurs in residence, General Inception brings in critical industry expertise and financial resources to address the fundamental challenges associated with the building of future market leaders. The team operates daily on both sides of the Atlantic to streamline the development of breakthrough solutions for the healthcare industry.

Led by Venkat Reddy, Chief Scientific Officer, and François Valencony, Chief Business Officer, Igniter Europe will continue this mission in Europe, leveraging the ecosystem available regionally for startups with the financial support of France 2030’s French Tech Accélération 2 fund, managed on behalf of the French government by Bpifrance, KU Leuven, and Paladin Capital Group as initial investors and strategic partners. Venkat Reddyand François Valencony will co-manage this industrial holding, bringing together more than 50 years of consolidated experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

Based in Lyon, France, Igniter Europe is operational and already supports five innovative companies:

  • Abbelight, which provides hardware and software solutions for Super-Resolution Microscopy to leading research centers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, based on more than 10 years of research conducted at ISMO (Paris Saclay University) and Langevin Institute (ESPCI). The company is currently expanding its product offering and also commercially in North America and Asia.
  • Ennovate Pharma, which was recently launched with the aim of developing innovative treatments for patients who are non-responders or refractory to current standard of care for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.The company utilizes clinical data and advanced data analytics capabilities to bring more effective medicines to patients.
  • GauDDi, an innovative small molecule drug discovery company targeting RNA modifications in immune cells for the treatment of immune-mediated diseases. GauDDi was launched in close collaboration with Pharmacelera, a Barcelona-based software company that specializes in computational chemistry with the use of quantum mechanics algorithms, machine learning, and high-performance computing.
  • Nickl Therapeutics, which was founded in Grand-Est region, France in 2023 with a focus on developing next-generation NK cell and innate lymphoid cell therapeutics for oncology and auto-immune disease. By utilizing highly innovative macrocyclic multi-specific cell engagers, Nickl Therapeutics aims to redirect the cytotoxic capabilities of NK cells for the precision killing of disease mediating cells across a number of therapeutic settings. The initial focus is on the activation of the innate immune system within the microenvironment of solid tumors to enhance cancer cell killing.
  • Tavira Therapeutics, which is developing a modular next-generation AAV capsid platform, with the goal of enhancing tissue-specific transgene delivery for gene therapy. The modularity afforded by the Tavira platform should not only accelerate the development of novel therapies, but also streamline AAV vector manufacturing. By enhancing specificity and reducing immunogenicity, the platform furthermore addresses toxicities associated with AAV-based gene therapy. Tavira is leveraging the cutting-edge AAV gene therapy research and development capabilities of the University of Leuven.

General Inception’s team include:

  • Paul Conley, CEO and Co-founder,
  • Vikram Chaudhery, PhD, President & COO,
  • Venkat Reddy, PhD, Chief Science Officer, and
  • Francois Valencony, Chief Business Officer.