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Seraphim Space Holds First Close Of Second Venture Capital Fund

Seraphim Space, a London, UK-based SpaceTech-focused investment firm, held the first close if its new venture fund, Seraphim Space Ventures II, LP.

The vehicle will focus on investing at Seed and Series A stages in entrepreneurs looking to transform science fiction into science fact. Key themes the fund include:

  • the application of artificial intelligence to satellite data to unlock near real time insights about the world to help combat challenges posed by climate change and global security
  • the merging of terrestrial and space-based communications networks to enable ‘always on’ ubiquitous connectivity for both people and machines
  • the use of the unique microgravity environment of space to drive the next wave of scientific breakthrough in areas such as biotech and material science
  • the creation of space-based networks for on-orbit edge compute, internet/communications and data relay to power the in-orbit economy

Following the same strategy to its original SpaceTech-focused venture fund, SSV II plans to build a portfolio of approx. 30 companies. The dund has already made nine investments including:

  • Hubble – Internet of Things satellite constellation for connecting directly to billions of Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Delos – Space data powered wildfire home insurance provider
  • ATMOS – Space cargo return service for life sciences
  • Auriga – Novel electro-magnetic launch system

Following the launch of the first venture fund focused on SpaceTech in 2016, Seraphim Space now also operates a space accelerator, as well as a listed SpaceTech growth fund, Seraphim Space Investment Trust PLC.

The firm has established itself as the most prolific SpaceTech investor globally, having supported more than 120 SpaceTech companies in 27 countries worldwide that collectively have raised more than $3 billion in funding. Notable investments include category leaders such as ICEYE, HawkEye 360, LeoLabs, D-Orbit, Spire Global (NYSE:SPIR), Voyager, AST SpaceMobile (NASDAQ:ASTS) and Tomorrow.io.

Historic corporate backers include major players from the space sector such as Airbus, SES, Teledyne, Telespazio, Inmarsat and MDA, SSV II further strengthens Seraphim Space’s heavyweight industry backing with the addition of Eutelsat, NEC and SKY Perfect JSAT.

The team includes Mark Boggett, CEO and General Partner, and James Bruegger, Chief Investment Officer and General Partner.