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Amkan Ventures Launches With $10M Fund of Funds

Amkan Ventures

Dubai, UAE-based Amkan Ventures launched with the announcement of a $10M Fund of Funds (FoF) dedicated to backing emerging venture managers in the US.

The new fund is building a portfolio of a dozen funds across tech-enabled industries.

Amkan Ventures focuses solely on early-stage funds between $5M and $50M that have the potential to generate outsize returns through concentrated portfolio construction. The firm targets small Funds I and II led by managers who embrace a conviction-driven approach.

The firm has already made its first investment in a first-time manager.

Raida Daouk, Founder and Managing Partner, is a female-led solo GP, who started her career in banking before moving to the investment team of a first-time venture fund. She established Amkan Advisory, a boutique consultancy firm specializing in assisting family offices and high-net-worth individuals in identifying venture funds that align with their specific strategies.