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Deloitte Digital and Natter Release Report On AI & Workforce

Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital and Natter, a London, UK-based startup that gathers opinions, feedback and ideas through conversations at scale, released a report on AI and employee/workforce experience, uncovering how leaders believe AI will impact the human experience at work, and the hidden costs that could emerge.  

The key findings of the report were:  

  • 10% of leaders indicated that they currently use AI often to make decisions & 74% of leaders anticipate using AI often for decision-making within the next five years.
  • While leaders are optimistic about efficiency gains, ~1/3 of conversations cited concern for the bias and inclusion challenges of AI, suggesting their excitement is tempered by the hidden cost of further embedding systemic bias.
  • Over 69% of leaders stated they believe that AI will improve employee creativity to some degree.
  • However, there is also a fear that over-reliance on AI will sacrifice accuracy and thoroughness, with 42% of conversations citing concern for decline in quality of work.
  • In 58% of conversations, leaders expressed desire to use AI to facilitate more effective feedback loops to learn from employees; the second most-cited hope for AI.
  • Top concern for leaders, the ethical use of AI for data security & privacy, mentioned in 56% of conversations.
  • Over a third of conversations cited that AI has the ability to unlock time for meaningful human interactions. However, this optimism is tempered by the risks, with 41% of leaders believing AI will cause a decrease in the quality of human connections they’re able to make.