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Team8 Releases Report on Future Of Fintech


Team8, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based vc firm that builds and invests in companies involved in the digital transformation of major sectors, released a new report on the future of fintech, titled “2030 and Beyond: An Unconventional Look at the Future of Fintech.

The report aims to create a roadmap for the future of fintech asking three main questions:

  • What Won’t Change?
  • What (Likely) Will Change? And 
  • What Could Change Everything?

Some takeaways include:

– Fintech’s Advantage in the GenAI Era: The speed and agility advantage of fintechs over incumbent financial services companies depends in part on incumbents’ clunky legacy technology, leading to long product roadmaps. Developments in GenAI could allow incumbents to drastically speed up development on legacy infrastructure, leading to faster innovation and negating much of this advantage.
– Embedded Finance Transforming Traditional Industries: Embedded finance has begun to transform traditional companies in certain industries into fintech companies, and this trend is likely to expand further into additional industries like brick-and-mortar, government, and non-profits.
– New Venture Capital Paradigm Shifting Startup Priorities: With a slowdown in venture capital deployment, lower valuations, and higher interest rates, startups have refocused efforts into profitability, leading to new opportunities for fintechs to help finance teams streamline their cash flow management.

In addition to outlining the 2030 vision of these industry leaders, the report features exclusive commentary and case studies from Team8 portfolio companies such as april, 40Seas, Ballerine and, Wisor, as well as key insights from other market leaders including Airwallex, Atomic, Cross River, NEXT InsuranceOrum, Panax, and Unit.

To learn more about Team8 or to download a copy of the report, please visit https://team8.vc/rethink/fintech/2030-and-beyond/