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OKX Ventures Joins OnePiece Labs, Merlin Chain and Franklin Templeton to Back Runes Incubator

OKX Ventures, the investment arm of crypto exchange and Web3 technology company OKX, announced its participation in the Runes Incubator.

This program, initiated by Santa Clara, California based OnePiece Labs and supported by Merlin Chain and Franklin Templeton, aims to discover and foster Runes projects. This collaboration underscores OKX Ventures’ commitment to aiding developers in building innovative projects related to Runes, a protocol that introduces a UTXO-based fungible token system into the Bitcoin network.

The Runes Incubator project was launched with the goal of ensuring considerable reach and impact across different blockchain technologies and market sectors. Chosen Runes-related projects will receive mentoring, networking opportunities and funding support, all tailored to meet their needs in Runes development and enhance their innovative potential.

OnePiece Labs’ Runes Incubator is designed to scout and elevate early-stage Runes projects that operate within key verticals, with the goal of transforming the Bitcoin ecosystem with each cohost, accessing essential resources that catalyze growth and innovation. Additionally, the incubator acts as a launchpad, empowering emerging projects to overcome typical entry barriers such as nascent infrastructure, limited domain expertise and financial constraints, thereby enabling their transition into blockchain-enabled enterprises.

OnePiece Labs prioritizes individual mentorship. The Web3 startup incubator connects experienced mentors who listen to business challenges and provide tailored solutions. Simultaneously, its partners and cohosts lead each team, maintaining weekly check-ins and working side-by-side to tackle issues effectively. Upon completion, OnePiece Labs will host an online Demo Day. This event will allow all participating startups to present their ventures. An extensive network of investors will be invited to participate, creating a platform for startups to demonstrate their progress and potential through the Runes Protocol. Comprehensive support will be provided to all participants in the incubator.

Applicants will be evaluated based on predefined criteria to assess their potential value. Selected candidates will participate in a 10-week incubation program, receiving intensive support and resources to expedite their development.