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Fifty Investors and Founders Launch The Climate Brick To Fast Track European Climate Tech

the climate brick

European leading climate tech founders and investors launched ‘The Climate Brick’ – a new community committed to addressing the climate crisis through technology.

Initiated by EQT Ventures and Contrarian Ventures, with representatives from HSBC Innovation Banking UK, 2150, Norrsken, Einride, Northvolt, Marvel Fusion and Genomines, among others, The Climate Brick is an open community initiative to fast-track climate technologies.

While these technologies have the potential to abate 90% of 2050 global emissions, it is estimated that they can receive investments of ~270tn EUR up until the same year. It is important that capital is appropriately allocated, and the industry is collaborating to ensure those building climate tech companies have all of the resources available to be successful. 

By analyzing more than 3,000 companies and interviewing approximately 100 of Europe’s most prominent climate pioneers and experts, The Climate Brick has published a comprehensive study with actionable advice on how to scale climate businesses. It recognizes seven different profiles of climate tech businesses: Gigascaling; Green Deployment; Asset-as-a-Service; Product Disruption; New Tech; Moonshot; Companion Software. For each business profile (called Bricks) there is a unique risk profile, suggested capital stack, and roadmap for scaling the business. See full findings here

The Climate Brick will continue to be co-developed by its members through events, social media, data gathering and further details of its findings. It will be the go-to-place for anyone in Europe looking to understand and replicate the journey to scale and climate impact.