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AlleyCorp Closes New Fund, at $250M


AlleyCorp, a NYC-based tech venture capital firm, closed a $250M fund.

The vehicle was backed by a small group of carefully selected LPs.

Founded by long-time New York internet entrepreneur Kevin Ryan, AlleyCorp founds and invests in transformative companies in New York and across the world. They incubate the company, originate the idea, hire the team, provide initial funding, launch the company, and maintain integral leadership throughout the company’s lifecycle. AlleyCorp invests across dedicated verticals for Diversified Technology, Healthcare, Robotics, and Impact.

The firm makes about 20–30 new investments per year and 5–8 incubations.

The firm has invested some of the earliest and most iconic tech companies in New York, including MongoDB (NASDAQ: MDB), Business Insider, Gilt Groupe, Zola, and Nomad Health.

AlleyCorp has also announced they incubated:

  • Radical AI, which aims to change the way materials are designed, developed, and discovered through the integration of artificial intelligence, engineering, materials science, and applied research. It is co-founded by Joseph Krause, Jorge Colindres and Dr. Gerd Ceder; and
  • Conduce Health, which is building a marketplace that supports risk-bearing primary care organizations by bridging the gap to the highest quality, personalized specialists who need it most. It is co-founded by Eric Rosow, Najib Jai, Jeffrey DeFlavio.