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Felicis Launches Free Founder Tool


Felicis, a Menlo Park, CA-based venture capital firm, has launched “Felicis Org Benchmark”, a public, free tool to help founders evaluate how their teams should grow.  

The benchmarking tool, backed by current data and is customizable, can be used by founders at any stage across AI, B2B, fintech, healthtech, defense, infrastructure/devops, security, vertical SaaS, hardware, and mobile. 

You can find the tool at Felicis.com/benchmark.

Built by Michelle Delcambre, Operating Partner at Felicis, who was previously a talent leader at 4 Stripe (as head of global people opps), Okta (as head of global talent acq), Databricks (as VP of talent) and Atlassian (as recruitment manager), in collaboration with Findem, the tool ingested over 15,000 companies with live data across 10 verticals, all stages and revenue ranges, from past 10 years. Provided data includes: attrition rate, growth to next stage, manager vs individual contributor count, breakdown by function, and growth by function.

According to a written note, the Felicis Org Benchmark represents just the beginning of data projects for founders to give them context to scale their organizations effectively and understand how to measure themselves accordingly.