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Arieli Capital Launches 2nd Cohort of Start Agri-Tech Scale-Up Program

Arieli Capital

Arieli Capital, a NYC-based investment firm, is launching the second cohort for its venture scale-up program.

The program is empowered by Frontier RNG, a joint venture between Arieli Capital and Ramat Hanegev Regional Council, in partnership with Utah Tech University, Haifa Group and Exit Ventures, sponsored by The World Trade Center Utah. A launchpad for climate-focused ventures that aim to address the world’s environmental challenges with advanced technological solutions, START AgriTech leverages global resources to support their growth by helping them commercialize solutions, build businesses to drive their value to market at scale, and facilitate meetings with international investors and global corporations.

Following the first cohort back in 2023, the program is returning for another batch, and this time, in St. George, Utah, on the 14-18 of April, with 11 startups.

The upcoming cohort includes 11 startups, which have collectively raised over $44M and generated $4.7M in revenue. They are:

  • Agri-Light Energy Systems, which is developing a solar tracking system with a proprietary agri-voltaic algorithm that enables dual usage of land, optimizing both electricity generation and crop cultivation.
  • Arugga AI Farming, which is developing ground robots to treat and monitor individual plants by replicating pollination in greenhouses in a manner that lessens the need for chemicals and the spread of crop disease, easing the challenges in crop production. 
  • Bactelife Industries, which makes nutrients available to plants, enhancing soil, and conserving water.
  • BioLeaf, which is developing natural, eco-friendly, postharvest solutions that prolong the shelf life of fresh produce.
  • Bioplasmar, which is converting compost into completely biodegradable planting pots that can be planted directly in the soil and eliminating the need for plastic pots.
  • Contact Organics, which is constructing innovative methods to create a non-toxic product range that eliminates the perpetual problem caused by weeds that compromise crops.
  • Eden Technologies, which is improving water purification to make drinking water accessible to all around the world. 
  • Projini Agchem, which is developing new pesticides in order to support a greater quality food production at higher volumes. 
  • Saffron Tech, which is cultivating premium saffron year-round in indoor vertical farms, supporting sustainable agriculture and saffron-based products.
  • TomGrow, which is enabling people, communities, and organizations to grow diverse and healthy plants anywhere in the world, in any climate and for any purpose – from food to medicine and cosmetics and wellbeing. 
  • Vexxel Biotech, which is reshaping the production landscape and enabling healthier food options while ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods.

The first cohort of the program included 8 ventures, who’ve collectively raised a combined $9.5M in investment capital and have made impressive milestones after participating. Among them was Nanomnia, who have secured their second pilot with a multinational agriculture corporation, and We-Agri, whose data-driven platform allows farmers to track and sell their carbon credits, which recently received validation for its biggest project.