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Google.org Accelerator Selects 21 Generative AI Focused Nonprofits


Google.org Accelerator: Generative AI announced the 21 generative AI focused nonprofits selected for its first cohort.

Google.org Accelerator: Generative AI is a six-month program supporting nonprofits developing high-impact applications of generative AI. Its first cohort includes 21 organizations focused on areas like climate, economic opportunity, health, education and crisis response. In addition to technical training, workshops, mentors and pro bono support from a dedicated AI coach, Google.org is providing more than $20 million in funding across the projects.

Organizations include

  • Benefits Data Trust
  • Beyond 12
  • CareerVillage
  • Climate Policy Radar
  • CodePath
  • EIDU
  • Full Fact
  • IDinsight
  • Jacaranda Health
  • Justicia Lab
  • Materiom
  • mRelief
  • Opportunity@Work
  • Partnership to End Addiction
  • Quill.org
  • Tabiya
  • Tarjimly
  • U.S. Digital Response
  • World Bank

Through the Google.org Fellowship, teams of Googlers will also work with three of these nonprofits — Tarjimly, Benefits Data Trust and mRelief — full time for up to six months to help them build their proposed generative AI tools.