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1kx Raises $75M For Latest Fund


1kx, a Berlin, Germany-based crypto venture capital firm, raised $75m for its latest fund.

Limited Partners include Accolade Partners (anchor investor) Marc Andreessen, Accolade Partners, Galaxy Digital, and Chris Dixon, among others.

Led by Lasse Clausen, and Christopher Heymann, 1kx is a crypto investment firm that specializes in ecosystem growth. The firm focuses on DEFI and NFTFI, Infrastructure, Digital Media, and Gaming, helping founders bootstrap their token networks, powered by software and governed by communities, advising to the creation, design and iteration of token models.

In 2024, the firm invested in Botto, an AI autonomous decentralized artist governed by its community. Botto’s DAO will use the funding to accelerate R&D to expand its capabilities to learn, create & grow its agency as an artist, to build its presence across the art world through global exhibitions & events, and to decentralize the DAO’s stack.

The team also includes Head of Operations Henry Brodie, and Partner Diana Biggs, among others.