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Vela Partners’ AI Research Paper Aims To Help VCs Make Critical Decisions Faster

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Vela Research, the research arm of Vela Partners, a San Francisco, CA-based AI-native and product-led venture capital firm, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Oxford, have published a new decision-making framework powered by artificial intelligence.

The research paper entitled Decision GPT: A Framework to Make Critical Decisions is designed to transform how VCs make investment decisions.

Decision GPT scans a startup founder’s background and their business idea on the internet and uses LLMs to produce a report to help a VC determine whether to invest in the business. This helps millions of companies to be analyzed by an investor at human-level reasoning and scales decision making.

The core of Decision GPT is to generate pros and cons for any critical decision. The use-case explored in the research paper is the evaluation of startups based on startup founders and their ideas. The AI-powered framework identifies the characteristics of successful founders and ventures, analyzing these traits to assess a startup’s potential for success, and evaluate founder-idea fit, an assessment of whether a specific founder can successfully launch a specific business idea.

Founded by ex-Googlers and serial entrepreneurs in 2016 including general partners Fuat Alican, and Yigit Ihlamur, Vela Partners is a product-led and AI-native VC firm building an AI-only portfolio via a suite that automates the work of VCs such as sourcing, evaluation, decision-making, relationships and market intelligence.

The firm exited from stealth mode in 2023 with $25m under management.