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Scrum Ventures Adds NBA Champion Kyle Kuzma As Advisor

Kyle Kuzma (Photo credit: Mike Cummings)
Kyle Kuzma (Photo credit: Mike Cummings)

Scrum Ventures, a San Francisco, CA-based early-stage venture capital firm, announced that NBA Champion and entrepreneur Kyle Kuzma, will join the fund as an advisor.

Kuzma will bolster Scrum Ventures’ sports and entertainment investments, including collaborating with the firm’s global investment partners, supporting the firm’s portfolio, and helping source and evaluate new investment opportunities.

Kuzma connected with Scrum after the firm launched its first vertical focus area, Sports and Entertainment to invests in startups transforming the industry. The firm has already made several investments focused on Sports and Entertainment, including Misapplied Sciences, Project Admission, Tappp, Boom Entertainment, and Arcturus. 

Founded in 2013 and led by Michael Proman, partner and managing director, Scrum Ventures is an early-stage venture firm that leverages entrepreneurial expertise and a sound network (and an office) in Tokyo, Japan, to actively support portfolio companies. Its venture model serves as an innovation gateway between the United States and Japan, helping to connect founders to the world’s most iconic brands, customers, and technologies to expedite growth and create category-leading businesses.

Scrum’s other portfolio investments beyond sports and entertainment span a variety of industries, including healthcare, artificial intelligence, IoT, automotive, retail, and space. To date, the firm has made 120 investments. In addition to venture capital, Scrum operates a yearly open innovation program through Scrum Studio and recently launched Scrum Connect Online, which connects startups and corporations via an online platform.