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Emerging Venture Capitalists Association Releases 2023 VC Compensation Report


The Emerging Venture Capitalists Association (EVCA), the nonprofit dedicated to supporting the next generation of leaders in the venture capital industry, released its 4th Annual Compensation Report.

The report is published with the ultimate goal of providing junior and partner-level venture capitalist investors with benchmarks to assess current and future compensation, irrespective of their role or fund, and seeks to provide GPs and senior leadership of venture funds a source by which to assess the compensation of junior team members compared to peer funds.

The document highlights that, from 2022 to 2023, compensation dropped 10% for Analysts, 3% for Senior Associates, 1% for VP/Principals, and 1% for partners while rising 9% for Associates. Average total compensation was $117,500 for analysts, $186,000 for Associates, $210,000 for Senior Associates, $270,000 for VP/Principals, and $387,500 for Partners.

EVCA’s report can be found here.

Led by founder and chairman Adam Dawkins, EVCA is a community for emerging (pre-partner & junior partner) venture capital investors. Founded in 2017, the organization represents 1350+ investors from a diverse assortment of backgrounds to share insights on industry verticals, co-investment opportunities, career planning, community service, and personal interests.