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Team8 Raises $500M in New Funds


Team8, a Tel Aviv, Israel and NYC-based global fund that builds and invests in companies in the digital transformation sector, raised $500m across new funds.

These funds, its fifth, sixth, and seventh vehicles, will accelerate the creation and growth of over 30 startups in areas critical to technological advancement and societal progress. They bring its total assets under management (AUM) to over the 1 billion dollars mark.

Of the three funds announced, the first two are part of the Venture-Creation model and the third belongs to the Venture-Capital model:

  • The Venture-Creation Enterprise Fund has raised USD $110m for its third fund. This fund is primarily dedicated to collaborating with entrepreneurs (often serial founders) to jointly build and invest the Seed rounds in 1-2 new startups a year in the fields of cyber, data infrastructure & AI.
  • The Venture-Creation Digital HealthFund has raised USD $70m for its first fund. This fund will also partner with experienced and often serial entrepreneurs positioned to work in the digital health ecosystem. The vehicle will be used to jointly build and invest the seed rounds in 1-2 new startups a year.
  • The Venture-Capital Fund has raised USD $235m for its second fund. This fund is strategically aimed at investing in Seed and Series A rounds of startups that operate across and in the intersection of various sectors, including cyber, enterprise infrastructure (data, AI, cloud, dev, devops), fintech, and digital health.

In addition, Team8 also raised approximately $85m more in follow-on funds.

The firm provides ideation and validation processes that refine and test ideas; a network of engaged companies and individuals known as the ‘Team8 Village’ that offers startups a network of global partners; and a platform team of 80+ company builders with deep-domain expertise that delivers extensive operational support. Within this platform, Team8 portfolio companies leverage company builders in areas such as strategic business planning, research, go-to-market strategies, product marketing, HR, talent acquisition, finance, and more.

To date, the firm has built 20 companies, invested in an additional 21, and achieved eight exits (including the recent cyber exits of Dig and Talon for a total amount of approx. $1B combined). In addition, it has expanded its focus beyond its original scope of cybersecurity to encompass fintech, data infrastructure, AI, and digital health.

Led by Yuval Shachar, Managing Partner and Chairman, Team8 is a global Venture-Creation and Venture Capital Fund that creates and invests in companies focusing on Cybersecurity, Data & AI, Fintech, and Digital Health. Its signature Venture-Creation model is designed to identify meaningful problems, create theses on potential solutions, and build and invest in innovative companies.