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Xsolla Expands Funding Accelerator


Xsolla, a Los Angeles, CA-based global video game commerce company, announced the expansion of the Xsolla Funding Accelerator.

The Xsolla team is actively opening the accelerator to all game developers in July 2024. Developers who want to boost their selection chances can sharpen their games from both business and development angles by participating in the Accelerator program.

Games seeking additional support and consultation are encouraged to apply on the official website at xsolla.pro/rw18funding.

Xsolla Funding ensures every participant can access free educational resources. Additionally, they are introducing an exclusive premium offering featuring personalized mentorship, live Q&A sessions, and more aimed at further empowering developers on their journey. The free and premium educational accelerator tracks will be available approximately on July 1, 2024. Xsolla and numerous external industry experts collaboratively develop materials to impart essential knowledge.

This initiative began in 2022 and has already achieved significant milestones, including the launches of “Flame Keeper” by Kautiki Cave and “Vengeance of Mr. Peppermint” by Hack the Publisher in 2023. The program has also facilitated partnerships with reputable publishers for a couple more studios.

Looking forward, 2024 promises a lineup of releases, including “Memory Lost,” “Ritual Night,” “Soul Drifter,” and “Extra Coin.