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Theta Capital Launches Theta Blockchain Ventures IV

Theta Capital

Theta Capital, an Amsterdam, The Netherlands-based global investor in blockchain venture capital funds, has launched its fourth Theta Blockchain Ventures vehicle to invest in core blockchain infrastructure at the earliest stages.

Theta Blockchain Ventures IV is a continuation of Theta’s fund of funds program investing in crypto-native VCs. The first close of the fund will be on 1st April 2024. Theta is targeting a total of $200m in commitments with subsequent monthly closings leading up to a an expected final close on July 1st 2024.

The firm has deployed over $650m to date and has backed many leading companies and protocols from the earliest stages through its wide network of specialized VC firms. Through its series of blockchain venture funds, Theta has been capturing exposure to over 80% of the leading crypto projects, all from an early stage.

The launch of the fund follows Theta’s recent publication of the first such report of its kind on the future of investment in blockchain technology, “The Satellite View”. The report features insights and outlooks from crypto’s leading experts including many of the crypto-native venture funds Theta invests in. The report outlines that “blockchain technology is the foundation enabling the next evolution of the internet. It will propel our financial systems and commerce into the digital age, much as the previous generation of internet protocols revolutionized information and media.

It explains that the core value proposition of blockchain protocols is that they provide “decentralized trust,” and this trust can be produced at a marginal cost of close to zero. Decentralized trust enables new, internet-native business models, which are close to frictionless and scale like social networks.