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WovenEarth Ventures Closes $152M US Early-Stage Climate Tech Fund of Funds

WovenEarth Ventures, a Palo Alto, CA-based early-stage climate tech investment firm, closed its first fund, WovenEarth Fund I, at $152M.

WovenEarth’s inaugural institutional partners include three major university endowments – Boston University, Northwestern University, The Pennsylvania State University – along with Glenmede (representing a major foundation), Mortenson Family Foundation, and M.A. Mortenson Companies. 

WovenEarth is largely committed to underlying funds and seeks to provide exposure to over 300 underlying portfolio companies. In addition, the fund also opportunistically co-invests directly in companies.

The firm was founded by Jane Woodward, who has been an educator at Stanford for more than 30 years. She brings her knowledge to WovenEarth investors through curated quarterly workshops featuring venture managers from WovenEarth’s portfolio along with select portfolio companies. She is complimented by two partners, co-founder Mauricia Geissler, the former chief investment officer of Amherst College, and Denise Miller, an energy transition strategist, and four other team members, as well as expert senior advisors.

Since 2022, WovenEarth Fund I has invested with 13 US-based early-stage climate tech venture fund managers that are generalist investors focused on decarbonization, as well as managers that have domain-focused funds on specific climate tech sub-sectors such as wildfire, water, agriculture, or digital solutions.