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Foundry Won’t Raise Future Funds

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Foundry, a Boulder, CO-based venture capital firm that invests in technology companies and venture fund managers throughout the US and Canada, decided to shut down.

According to a post by Partner Seth Levine, Foundry 2022 will be their final fund and they won’t raise any more funds. 

Levine added that from the founding, they “intentionally decided not to build a legacy or generational firm —one meant to live beyond the tenure of the founding partners.

Instead, we intended to focus on the work of investing, re-evaluating each potential new fund as our fundraising cadence required. For nearly 20 years now, that cadence has been to raise a new fund every three to four years. Each time, we make a deliberate decision to raise a subsequent fund. But not this time,” he added.

The firm will continue to make investments out of Foundry 2022, leading Series A and B financings, and supporting its portfolio of companies and funds. They expect to continue this work for at least the next decade. Since 2016, the firm has started investing in other venture firms. Foundry has invested in over 200 companies and nearly 50 venture firms. 

Beyond Levine, the investment team includes Jaclyn Freeman Hester, Lindel Eakman, Chris Moody, Ryan McIntyre, and Brad Feld.