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TechExchange Launches to Support UK and Ukrainian Technology Startups


TechExchange, a London, UK-based non-profit startup support program specializing in DefenceTech and AgriTech, launched a privately-funded program that is seeking to promote effective collaboration between the UK and Ukraine to deliver essential front-line innovation.

Operating on a pro-bono basis, TechExchange aims to connect startups with the investment and commercial opportunities they require to support Ukraine’s war effort, economic survival and future reconstruction. Serving a dual purpose for both DefenceTech and AgriTech startups, the program supports Ukrainian companies working to help the military and UK-based businesses with an interest in testing their technology in live environments, whether on the fields of battle or agriculture. 

The following cohort members focus on areas including drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), demining and air defence:

  • Pilotechnika (Ukraine) has produced customised unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) fitted with proprietary software that, using direct feedback from the front lines, responds to Ukraine’s specific military requirements. The company uses digital-twin technology to rapidly simulate how the hardware will respond to battlefield scenarios before it’s given to the front line.
  • Skyeton (Ukraine) has manufactured unmanned aerial systems (UAS) since 2014, providing accurate aerial data for precise ground intervention. Its Raybird UAS is capable of flying for around 30 hours covering over 150 kilometres and providing object recognition over vast, remote areas.
  • Transimpex (Ukraine) has created the capabilities to perform humanitarian demining and ammunition disposal tasks. The company conducts manual demining, technical and non-technical surveys, in addition to the neutralisation of mines and the explosive remnants of war to clear areas of land affected by armed conflict.
  • Zvook (Ukraine) has built a scalable network of acoustic sensors to detect missiles, drones and other artillery, increasing air defence efficiency. The sensors consist of a parabolic antenna and a microcomputer, which runs AI-powered sound recognition algorithms. The company’s sensors currently cover around 14,000 sq. kilometres of land.

These startups all have real-world, dual applications to Ukraine, and their innovation will provide life-saving solutions to a nation at war and help to accelerate the rebuilding process.

Founded by Principal Andriy Dovbenko in 2023, TechExchange seeks to connect AgriTech and DefenceTech startups from the UK and Ukraine to a network that can help to accelerate innovation and commercial growth in support of Ukraine now and also post-war. Ukrainian startups will be able to raise their international profile and access opportunities through the UK’s ecosystem, while UK companies can conduct in-field testing of new technologies in Ukraine and gain vital information around how their technology operates in real-world situations.

To be a part of the TechExchange program, companies must be developing defence or agricultural technologies, be funded to at least Pre-Seed, be UK or Ukraine-based and deliver impactful innovation that saves lives. To apply for TechExchange or for further information visit: https://techexchange.network/