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Founderful Raises $85M for Fund II


Wingman Ventures, a Zurich, Switzerland – based venture capital firm, rebranded as Founderful and raised $85m for its new fund, aiming to reach a final close at $120m in the months to come. 

Founderful II is backed by a range of institutions, family offices, and founders who have scaled their startups into global unicorns such as Duolingo, Climeworks, GetYourGuide, Delivery Hero, and Scandit. 

Founded in 2019 by Swiss unicorn GetYourGuide co-founder Pascal Mathis, former Switzerland Lead at Creathor Ventures Alex Stöckl, and co-founder Lukas Weder, Founderful is focused on the Swiss tech market and, with it, concentrated on supporting founders in the B2B software and industrial technology space. This includes robotics and industrial automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer vision technologies, and material sciences innovations in cleantech, climate tech, and construction tech. Founderful works quickly and closely with academia and industry to boost the new generation of technology leaders. 

The firm has made nearly 50 investments in the last 4 years alone, having made eight Swiss investments in 2023. From Fund I, the firm has deployed $60m into 40 startups. This represents 109 founders who scaled to create 1,093 jobs and went on to raise almost 6x additional funding of over $350m in just 3 years. Notably investments include Wingtra (survey drones), and Corintis (sustainable computing). 

Founderful has already started deploying the capital raised in Fund II, backing the founders of Chiral Nano (alternative silicon chips), Nala Earth (ESG reporting), Ascento (security robotics), SAEKI (manufacturing robotics), Anthropos (workplace skills), Isospec Analytics (biomolecular analysis), Eightinks (lithium-ion batteries) and Faive Robotics (humanoid robotics). 

The Founderful thesis on investing in Swiss-based startups has been proven by three megatrends: