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Griffin Gaming Partners and Rendered VC Release 2023 Game Development Report


Griffin Gaming Partners, a Los Angeles, CA-based venture capital firms focused on the global gaming market, has partnered with Rendered VC, a specialist fund, to release the 2023 Game Development Report.

In contrast to player preferences and industry trends, game development has historically been an opaque field where data exists mostly in the tribal knowledge of highly skilled professionals. As the barriers to launch a game fall and the bar for blockbuster hits rise, game development practices and technology have drawn the attention of corporate strategy, industry analysts, and investors.

The study highlights key issues with game production and studio technology that companies are facing as the industry embraces an era of live services. Key insights include the following:

  • Live Service Dominance: 65% of studios actively work on and 30% plan to release regular update cadences for their games,
  • Pipeline Challenges: 68% of producers believe their production pipelines are not suitable for live services, and 53% of large studios expect to struggle with managing technical debt, indicating the need for innovative solutions in production processes.
  • Embrace of Off-the-Shelf Tools: 65% of studios plan to increase their use of off-the-shelf tools, showcasing the industry’s quest for better technology solutions.

The research also serves as a roadmap for future transformation and improvements. To access the full analysis and additional insights, and download the 2023 Game Development Report, click here.

Commenting on the report, Pierre Planche, Partner at Griffin Gaming Partners, said: “Combining emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, hardware, and cloud with advancements in game development processes akin to the evolution of modern software development, will enhance efficiency and foster innovation in genres and business models. This has historically created new category leaders and double-digit growth and highlights the current opportune moment for technology transformation. This report aims to inform and inspire emerging leaders dedicated to creating the tools and solutions that will propel the gaming industry into its next phase of growth.

Led by General Partners Jiten Dajee, Ben Rathi, and Omead Sinai, Rendered VC is a specialist early-stage fund with domain expertise in media and graphics and working with founders to solve challenges in 3D industries.

Founded by Peter Levin, Phil Sanderson, and Nick Tuosto, with LionTree as a strategic partner to the Fund, Griffin Gaming Partners is a venture capital firms focused on the global gaming market with over $1 Billion in assets under management. It invests in seed through growth stages across software infrastructure, content, and platforms in gaming.