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Launchbay Capital Holds First Close of $100M VC Secondary Growth Fund

Launchbay Capital

Launchbay Capital (fka Digital Horizon), a London, UK-based multi-stage investment firm committed to creating liquidity in the venture ecosystem, held the first close of its new $100m VC secondary growth fund.

Over 25% were committed by a group of early investors.

Launchbay Capital’s secondary growth fund is focused on creating liquidity in growth stage venture-backed technology companies with potential exits in three to four years. The fund leverages the team’s venture expertise and extensive knowledge of private capital markets to enable active management of growth investments that yield high accelerated real returns for founders, businesses and investors.

Led by Alan Vaksman, founding partner, Launchbay Capital has a strategy rooted in investment discipline, rigorous data analysis and active portfolio management. These founding principles combined with proven track record allow the firm to operate with the level of agility and resilience required to execute investment solutions through the market cycles.

Unlike traditional venture capital investments that span several decades, Launchbay Capital’s secondary growth fund operates on an investment period of four years, enabling investors to tactically realize returns, recycle capital in a timelier manner and access secondary exit opportunities in addition to traditional avenues like IPO or M&A.

The firm currently manages more than $300m in assets encompassing a portfolio of 55+ global technology companies spanning fintech, SaaS, AI healthcare and more. Its early stage access fund targets late Seed and Series A funding rounds across fintech and software infrastructure, while its proprietary direct digital investment platform provides access to securities of leading global technology companies in the private markets space.

The firm has offices in Dubai, UAE, Tel Aviv, Israel, and George Town, Grand Cayman.