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MinervaVerse Launches to Support Traditionally Under-Served Entrepreneurs


MinervaVerse, a Sacramento, Calif.-based organization pioneering an inclusive entrepreneurial landscape, prioritizing underrepresented voices, officially launched to herald a new era of inclusivity and empowerment in the startup landscape.

Founded by Anne Descalzo and Rachel Zillner, MinervaVerse prioritizes underrepresented entrepreneurs, advocating for inclusivity and breaking barriers in venture capital.

At its core lies the MinervaFund, which invests predominately in women-founded and people of color businesses. The fund accepts applications year-round and distributes funding quarterly.

Additionally, MinervaVerse is set to launch two pivotal programs:

  1. MinervaAccelerator: In partnership with FourthWave*, which has proven accelerator programming focused on women entrepreneurs, the new accelerator program will provide conscious leadership coaching, business mentorship, and coaching for capital readiness. Launching later in the year, this new program is poised to further bolster entrepreneurial leadership skills and new company growth.
  2. MinervaIncubator: Set to debut in 2025, the Incubator aims to empower new and startup businesses with management training, office space, networking opportunities, and expert guidance in navigating Government RFP processes.

* FourthWave is a nonprofit accelerator for women-led technology businesses. Its inaugural Sacramento program launched in 2017, and in 2020, FourthWave formed a strategic partnership with the Carlsen Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Sacramento State. The FourthWave accelerator program provides founders with mentorship, leadership development, and preparation for funding.