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Plug and Play and Visa Select 21 Founders to Participate in Inclusive Fintech Accelerator


Plug and Play and Visa selected 21 startups to participate in the Visa Inclusive Fintech Accelerator.

Launched last year, the program aims to foster diversity and inclusivity in the fintech sector by supporting and empowering diverse founders.

The startups joining the accelerator program are: 

  1.    Anansii 
  2.    BankWyse 
  3.    Bump 
  4.    Cadence Cash 
  5.    CashEx 
  6.    Daba Finance 
  7.    Deposits 
  8.    DEUCE 
  9.    Dot 
  10.    DRUO 
  11.    Foresight 
  12.    Fundshine 
  13.    GenEQTY 
  14.    KAOSHI 
  15.    Korzo 
  16.    My Home Pathway 
  17.    Paidback 
  18.    Preauth 
  19.    Solvent 
  20.    Wink 
  21.    Yofi 

The Inclusive Fintech Accelerator will offer selected founders access to Visa’s internal resources, mentorship, and customized support from industry experts, with the addition of networking opportunities from Plug and Play’s ecosystem and customized programming. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with Visa executives, tapping into their deep knowledge of the payments and financial technology sectors.

This cohort will be graduating at Plug and Play’s Silicon Valley Summit in June 2024.