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Thema Launches Venture Capital Fund Platform

thema vc founders
CIO Sam Ettelaie, and CEO George Askew

Thema, a London, UK-based firm that supports and enables emerging managers to launch venture capital strategies, has launched.

The firm acts as venture fund of funds providing capital and support to investors looking to create a standalone VC fund.

Led by CIO Sam Ettelaie, and CEO George Askew, Thema acts as a strategic cornerstone limited partner, writing first tickets of up to £5m, offering operational and regulatory support, office space, and curated LP insights. In the next three years, Thema plans to make commitments to four funds annually until 2027.

The team collaborate closely with fund managers, leveraging expertise and an understanding of how to build VC firms. They provide specialized fund management expertise, operational infrastructure and fund regulatory cover to guide them through the process to concentrate on investing in the very best startup companies.

Alongside the regulatory framework, Thema will provide capital to cornerstone the fund assisting in building the key foundations at the beginning of the journey.